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ray brown

Date: August 20, 2018

Age: 33

State: Michigan

Survived: Yes, tasered

Officer: Not named

Charged: Officer suspended for 30 days without pay, no

charges filed

Police in Westland, Michigan were called to the scene of an apparent dispute over a slow cooker after a night of barbecuing. People in and around the house told the officers that they had the wrong house, unsure of what the officers were saying. An eyewitness video shows Ray Brown arguing with a police officer over why he was called to the scene. The officer tells Brown that he’s going to jail for “disorderly person,” then the other officers try to take the baby out of Brown’s arms. While he tried to pass the baby to their mother on the right, officers tased him on the left side of his body. The video shows the mother catching the baby as Brown collapses from being tased. She said he was tased at least three times. Brown was arrested on suspicion of hindering a police investigation, disturbing the peace, disorderly person, resisting arrest, and assault and battery of a police officer.


Police Chief Jeff Jedrusik said, “the arrest of Brown was appropriate and was in line with the laws and ordinances of the City of Westland...however I feel that the use of the taser at that time, while he was holding the child, was a questionable decision.” The officers said they were concerned that Brown was gripping too tightly and would hurt the baby, although the video shows Brown holding the baby as anyone else would. When the baby’s mother was questioned about the incident by reporters, she said, “I think they were way out of line. They could have handled the situation differently because my son was in his arms. They didn't care about my son.” The baby is reported to be okay. The officer was suspended without pay for 30 days.


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